3 responses to “Ghost Blade Alpha Teaser Video Now Online

  1. Wotk on the ater animation.Since the boats are still dont make so much faoms hititng the ships.The ships are looking stiil.I beleive for better results the boats should be mooving at the way they are looking down.

  2. The feel game gives off is slow. Movement and projectile speed should both be increased (projectile speed increase should be progressive through the game). I don’t like the look of the main shot, seems too comfortable looking, almost like the enemies would like to be hit by it. The colour, the size (thickness of objects), and the density all don’t work I’d say. Needs a sharper, narrower look to that particular shot, and a more aggressive (see: bleak) colour as opposed to marshmallow or cloud white. I’m thinking something akin to the shot in Battle Garegga, from any of the ships (pardon Bornam perhaps) to give inspiration. Ketsui’s shot design also could work. If you’re going the route of machines, futuristic or otherwise, give the look some edge and sense of speed. Challenge might be there but someone watching the game might not see that, and why not make it challenging all the same? That’s what play testing is for to find a good balance in challenge and score.

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