WARNING Huge Load of Ghost Blade Stage 4 Screens Incoming

Hi guys! Before we launch the first Ghost Blade Alpha Teaser Video in early April we want to show you some nice and new screenshots of our game!

Ghost Blade is still work in progress for Sega Dreamcast and scheduled for a TBA 2013 release.

All screenhots are captured from Stage 4! Enjoy!








And only 14 CEs are left at http://www.hucast.com ZOMG! Thanks for the great support!

We’ll announce a Regular Edition and Limited Edition  of Ghost Blade soon. Pricing for Regular Edition will be 32.95 EUR.

15 responses to “WARNING Huge Load of Ghost Blade Stage 4 Screens Incoming

  1. Please make it slightly easier than other Shumps! I’d love to be able to see the whole game in action.

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  3. Looks awesome! Though the ‘pearl’ style purple/pink bullets don’t look so good, will these be spiced up a bit? Very much looking forward to beta testing this now I have my pre-order in! Best of luck chaps, I’m very excited for this game!

    • Yes I’m spicing them up in this very moment! I make them look more like an enemy bullet than a “pearl”. Thanks for the feeback! It’s dang hard to geht them right though.

  4. looks awesome I can’t waiting!!!
    excuse me how will be the atmosphere of the game: a depp darker ciberpunk atmosphere or like the ultra points bullet hell Cave games?

  5. Looks fantastic guys, really looking forward to it. The detail on the backgrounds is amazing.
    When is the beta ready?
    Keep up the good work…and hurry up!

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